Agricultural Soil Amendments

We now have agricultural soil amendments ,  gypsum,  glacial sand/dust , composts ,  chicken manure ,  etc. Contact us with any of your needs !

Our Decorative Rock

We now produce Industrial Sands




our Sand Values

Our Tan Bunker Sand has a penetrometer value of 2.8 and an infiltration rate of 54 inches per hour !

We are now a member of the OGCSA

We are a Producer of USGA bunker sands both Tan and Off White. We service the West Coast/Pacific Northwest Region !

Our Tan Bunker Sand

Samples of our products!

Pronghorn Resort

Our Candy Rock Deco Rock

Our Off White and our Tan Bunker Sands

Contact us with any questions, 253-363-5546 or email , or Facebook @ Anchor H Distributing !